Writing, for me, is a deeply personal experience. I do it because I have a message to convey; a purpose. I invite you to click on the link bellow and open the first four chapters, but before you begin the story, please read the Dedication and the Foreword. I've made them purposely short so as not to distract you, the reader, from getting to the story. Yet, it is vitally important that you understand the relevance of Operation Light Switch to what is going on in the world today. Enjoy the read! —John Wemlinger, Colonel, US Army (Ret)

"I am pleased to announce that Operation Light Switch was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Forward Review's Annual Book of the Year competition." - John Wemlinger



Cleveland Spires, a respected and highly decorated soldier, lost his career, his family, and much of his pride when he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Now he’s out, and after returning to his hometown, he stumbles onto a clue that might prove his innocence. That clue leads him to Bangkok, Thailand, where he finds himself thrust into the middle of an international conspiracy that will rock the global economy. What he does next will take all of his courage and an unflinching faith in a system that once failed him.

“John Wemlinger has written a fast-moving and compelling story of overcoming a grave injustice with the help of friends, caring military professionals, and sheer guts.” —Ron Christmas, Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret)

Wemlinger gets it. The nimbleness of our armed forces is as important today as its fire power. Operation Light Switch is a great read. Enjoyed it from cover to cover.” —Mike Kelleher, Brigadier General, US Army (Ret)

Operation Light Switch proves the importance of why we are all told today, ‘If you see something, say something.’” —Thomas E. Johnson, Colonel, US Army (Ret)

“I read this story years ago, when John Wemlinger first published A Path to Innocence, A Road to War. I enjoyed it then. But Operation Light Switch, his rewrite, demonstrates his devotion to his craft. I knew the story line, yet I couldn’t put the book down. Great Work!” —Gary Omernick, publisher, The Monterey Herald and The Santa Cruz Sentinel

“With the publication of Winter’s Bloom and, now, Operation Light Switch, John Wemlinger has become a powerful, new voice of fiction. His stories are fast-paced, action-packed and always full of human drama that will keep the reader turning the pages.” —Rolla Baumgartner, Retired Department of Defense Schools Superintendent