To read all reviews, go to www.amazon.com and enter “Winter’s Bloom.”  There are 24 reviews with an average star-rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Here are a few excerpts:


Mary Lynn Dahlman  5/16/2016  5 STARS  A GREAT READ

As an avid reader, I am always searching for my next good book.  Winter’s Bloom delightfully fits the bill!. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying every page of this beautifully written book.

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…Winter’s Bloom is a great read…just as life isn’t simple, neither is the plot.  It moves fast…I found it hard to put down.

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Lenda    73/2016    5 STARS    WONDERFUL

Loved this book.  Made me want to be a member of the family.  I would give it more than 5 stars if possible.  Recommended for all.

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Suburbanmom    7/11/2016  5 STARS    RELAX AND ENJOY A GREAT BOOK

…From the moment I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down…This book does not disappoint.  I’m so happy I purchased it and you will be too!

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Andrea Kessel    7/18/2016    5 STARS   LOVED IT

…I love the detail that is woven through this book of the landscapes and the way the writing flows makes it easy to read.  And, I always love a good romance.

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Amazon Customer    7/20/2016    5 STARS   A STORY OF FAMILY AND LOVE

This is a story of family, finding love late in life, a renewed understanding of what is important and the wonder of caring for and loving a dog.  The characters are real and drew me into their lives from the first page.  I liked these people and I felt like I knew them personally…

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I started to read this book and could not put it down…John Wemlinger makes his characters not only believable, but likeable.  Let’s hear more from this writer.

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Kathy Roberts     8/5/2016   5 STARS     I FINISHED THIS BOOK IN TEARS!  IT TOUCHED ME

I finished the book in tears!  It touched me on so many levels…I felt as if I was in the story and reading about my friends…John Wemlinger is a gifted writer.

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Amazon Customer    9/4/2016     5 STARS

…deeply heartwarming…Lake Michigan comes alive…Good reading with life’s realities always with us.

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Winter’s Bloom was entered in The Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards Competition.

Here are the reviews of 3 of the contest’s judges.


Numerical rating:  5 out of a possible 5.  Judge’s Commentary: Author creates a nice sense of connection at the start with the feeling of sleeplessness to which the reader can relate. We have had that moment of it being easier to get up than to try to sleep. Well done. A very human and universal feeling. We get a nice sense of setting throughout, especially as we’re introduced to the author’s family and home life. Author uses sensory details well, elevating the already strong writing, allowing the reader to immerse in it fully. Well done. Author excels at characterization, differentiating speaking voices and relying more on nuance than on physical description. Relationships evolve naturally and sometimes surprisingly, and even pet love is included to the reader’s delight. The flow is natural and engaging, as we travel an authentic path through the author’s recollections and the deeper feelings in these interactions. Author has done an exceptional job of taking the feeling of winter and making it a living, breathing character here as well. Winter has a range of feelings for us, and author demonstrates good instincts in pacing sentences with breathers and space in which we can paint our own pictures. In the absence of tension, we get a warm feeling of connection that grows organically. Dialogue shines in many instances, and author has shown a smart sense of giving the reader touchstones for many moments here that stay with us after reading. Well done.


Numerical rating:  4.7 out of a possible 5.  Judges Commentary: WINTER’S BLOOM by John Wemlinger is a heartfelt novel with lots of appeal to a broad swath of readers:  lovers of romance novels, those interested in the military and who care about our veterans, readers who love Michigan, those who like to read about recent economic effects, animal lovers—the range of potential readers is boundless.  Most readers enjoy stories of perseverance and resilience and WINTER’S BLOOM delivers.  A great job! This is a talented artist I want readers to root for.  Kudos.


Numerical rating:  4 out of a possible 5.  Judge’s Commentary: WINTER'S BLOOM is a novel that follows two grieving people – one a veteran of the Vietnam War, one a grieving and wealthy widow –after a chance encounter on the shores of Lake Michigan leads the two of them to each begin confronting their own past and begin to build a life for themselves and each other. Rock Graham previously lived in a room above his friend's garage, still suffering the physical and emotional damage he suffered in Vietnam. He decides to seek out solitude to deal with his past by renting a cottage, but the aforementioned chance encounter disrupts his plans. There is a lot to like in the novel, and readers looking for stories of grief, reconciliation, and budding relationships will likely find the book very enjoyable.







It has been almost a year since Winter’s Bloom was published.  In that time, I have been honored and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the book.  Not every reader is comfortable writing a review.  But I would like to invite every reader to do so.  Or if that is just too far outside of your comfort zone, please feel free to contact me and tell me what you thought of this book.  I have so enjoyed speaking to so many of you over the last year.  Thank you.